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WHAT IS KARABANGA.COM? the internal platform that Fruzzel Group uses to connect your campaigns with our global marketplace of online premium publishers. Our expert campaign managers use this platform to ensure that your campaign reaches its maximum potential. Below are a few services and features we provide.


We pride ourselves on making your campaigns excel, that’s why we have been nominated for multiple awards on an international level.


With our premium campaign platform we connect your campaigns to our global marketplace of publishers. Reaching your target demographic and giving you the results you need.

CPM Campaigns

Get your campaign seen by the right people

CPC Campaigns

Get more clicks to generate the right traffic on your page

CPL Campaigns

Get more leads to interact more with your audience

CPA Campaigns

Make more sales to help increase your income


Having a professional strategy is important to any digital campaign that’s why we pride ourselves on unique and effective campaign strategies.

Performance Analysis

Analysing your campaign to see what we can do to make it the best it can be


Via chat, email or phone through each step of your campaign

Target Analysis

Finding then right demographic and best market for your campaign


We’ve branched out to social media and now offer a wide variety of services that ensure you are building a following, engaging your audience and hitting your target demographic. Qualicepts also offers creative services for your social media pages


Build a community, monitor your business


Give followers the opportunity to engage in real time

Social Listening

Analyse your feedback to improve your metrics


Monitor your brand across multiple social networks


Ten years ago we started in a garage, now with leading clients around the world!

examples of our online campaigns

  • User acquisition / sign ups / registrations for online platforms
  • Promoting special offers (like in weekend/week) for any eCommerce
  • Information requests for investments, insurances, alarms, construction, travel, energy, eCommerce etc.
  • Newsletter registrations on landing-pages clients
  • Sign ups for online games by brands and products
  • Registrations for samples of (new) products

  • Downloads of offers/brochures/magazines eCommerce
  • Sign ups for loyalty programs (airlines, web shops, hotels etc.)
  • Visibility for new products on social media
  • Trials for newspapers and magazines
  • Promoting special deals (for example with a gift) for new customers
  • Promoting the opening of new store in a certain area/region of the country

and a whole lot more, so contact us to see what we can do for your campaign.

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